Say "G'day" in Croatian

The formal Croatian way of saying hello is "Dobar Dan" (Good Day) - don't forget to rrrrroll your 'r' and pronounce 'Dan' as in 'Dance' but in the way Adelaideians would say it - in proper English, without the 'ce' at the end - "Dobar Dan", not the way Victorians would say 'Daaance'.

Other casual greeting include:
"di si" - pronouced: "dis si" (where've ya been), and
"šta ima?" - pronounced: "shta ima?" (what's happening?)

Buy meal tickets and coupons first

You can only buy food, drinks or merchandise at the Fešta using the Fešta coupons. So first buy your coupons and meal tickets at the ticketing outlet and then exchange your coupons and/or meal tickets with the service staff for your meals, drinks, merchandise etc. Each coupon has a value of $2.50. No cash will be accepted by any of the service staff - coupons only.

Meal tickets will also be available - the value of a small meal is $10 (1x meal ticket), if you want a large meal - no problems! Just ask for a large and provide 2x meal tickets to the serving staff (large meal = $20). Both Small and Large meals can also be purchased using the equivalent value of $2.50 coupons.
For example:
Small Meal = 4x $2.50 coupons (or 1x meal ticket);
Large Meal = 8x $2.50 coupons (or 2x meal tickets).

The only three areas where cash will be accepted is: the entrance gate, the ticketing outlet and the children's amusements/side show alley.

Try the Yearling Beef

As far as we know, Fešta is the only event in South Australia where a whole 170kg yearling bull is cooked on the spit over charcoal - and it tastes unbelievably good! Soft, tender and juicy - It's a must try for all meat lovers.

Be sun smart

Late November in Adelaide is a warm time of year and even though the event starts at 11:00am - it's a long day. So bring your sun screen, sun glasses and a hat - and drink lots of water.

When people start dancing in a large circle - join in

Croatians love to party, so singing and dancing come naturally. If you hear the mandolins or piano accordion strike up a fast paced melody and people around you spontaneously jump up, hold hands and start dancing in a circle ...join in! You don't need to know the steps, just move in the right direction.

Boulder Throw Competition technique

The technique ...throw the rock as far as you can. Don't step over the line, and try not to do shoulder.