Premium Imported Croatian Beer

Karlovacko (“Karlo” full strength Lager)
Ožjusko ("Ozzie" full strength Lager)
PAN ("Parn" full strength Lager)

Light Beer

Hahn Premium Light


Somersby Apple or Pear Cider


Tomich Wing and a Prayer Sauvignon Blanc
Tomich Rhyme and Reason Moscato
Tomich Grace and Glory Shiraz
Tomich Duck and Weave Cabernet Sauvignon
Tomich Hill Rose
Tomich Blanc de Blanc Sparkling

All wines available by the glass or by the bottle.

Croatian Wine Mixes

Gemišt (½  wine & ½  soda)  
Bevanda (½  wine & ½  still water)   
Bambus (½  red & wine ½  cola)   

Croatian Spirits

Šljivovica (Plum Brandy) 
Kruškovac (Sweet Pear Liqueur)
Orahovac (Walnur Liqueur)
Pelinkovac (Bitter Sweet Apéritif/Jäger)
Medica (Honey Liqueur)

Spirits (cans)

Johnnie Walker & Cola
Jim Beam & Cola
Canadian Club & Dry
UDL Lemon Lime & Soda
UDL Passionfruit

Soft Drinks

Coke Zero
Bottled Water
Cedevita GO!